Our Innovations

WorldOne Interactive offers a range of differentiating engagement strategies, proprietary multi screen platforms, and curated social channels for healthcare brands and agencies. Our progressive programs can be applied globally or locally to increase reach, engagement, and peer influence of customer segments across specialties.

FastResponse Market Intelligence

MedLIVE™ > the fastest, most cost-effective and easy to use HCP market-intelligence platform. MedLIVE™ allows users to self-administer up to five questions from a targeted (geography / specialty) segment of our Global Networked Community, and delivers responses within hours. www.MedLIVE.com

Targeted Media Engagement

MedNOW™ > enables delivery of targeted brand messages, sponsored news, and interactive content to WorldOne’s Global Networked Community of HCPs at the ‘Point of Learning’ across global MNOW™ communication platforms.

Competitive Education

DocTANGO™ > a first in class proprietary social health game that derives crowd-sourced intelligence from global healthcare professionals. DocTANGO™ creates sticky and iterative engagement, facilitates learning, and sustains peer competition.

is the world's largest online physician community and the #1 ranked social site for US MDs. MDs collaborate on Sermo to solve patient cases, discuss drugs and devices, and educate each other about new therapies and innovations.

To learn more about how our unique approach, customized services, and proprietary tools can add value to your healthcare professional engagement strategies, contact us!